Board job descriptions



  • shall be elected by the membership on odd years for a period of two (2) years shall not be a Director of any Member Club during the the term of office
  • shall not have a vote in any matter except in casting a vote to break a tie 
  • shall chair all meetings and represent the District in all matters with other Districts and BCSA

Vice Chair


  • shall be elected by the membership on even years for a period of two (2) years 
  • shall not be a Director of any Member Club during the term of office 
  • will have a vote in District matters except when acting as Chair in the absence of the Chair 
  • shall assist the Chair and chair any meeting in the absence of the Chair

District Reps


  • each Member Club will present a representative who will be selected by acclamation as a Director for one (1) year 
  • each Member Club will present an alternate representative authorized to represent the Member Club in the absence of the Club representative

Director at Large


  • one (1) Director  (who is not director of a Member Club) will be elected for two(1) years.



  • shall take the minutes of all meetings of the District and distribute to all Directors
  • ensure that each Director has a copy of all minutes with seven (7) days after the meetings
  • handle all correspondence required by the Board 
  • shall direct all incoming correspondence to the appropriate Director prior to the next meeting



  • shall be the custodian of all monies or other properties paid by or donated to the District and shall disburse same under authority of the Board 
  • shall keep a true and accurate account of receipts and disbursements and render a true account when required 
  • prepare an Annual Budget to be presented at the January Board meeting for approval



  • shall be responsible for all aspects of the registration of teams and players competing under the jurisdiction of the ADYSA. This will include the securing of all documentation required to register all teams and players and overseeing the preparation of ID cards for those who require one 
  • shall be responsible for approving all Out-of-District permits,  transfers,  the addition or deletion of players or team officials to/from roster after initial submission to BCSA 
  • shall be responsible for keeping a record of all players and team officials who currently play or have played in past until that player is no longer eligible for youth soccer
  • shall be responsible for the storage of all ID cards issued by the District when not in use

League Reps


  • The District shall be responsible for securing a person to represent the District's interest in each "League Board" that teams in the District will compete: Metro Select League (MSL), 5-District  League, BC Coastal Girls League (BCCGSL), Super 8's Under 12 League, Super 8's Under 11 League
  • Each Representative for a), b) and c) shall: 1) represent the District at meetings of the League, 2) act as a liason between the League,  Clubs and teams from the Alouette District participating in the League, 3) ensure teams are properly registered with their appropriate League
  • Each Representative for d) and d) shall be responsible to: 1) co-ordinate the securing of team names, fields and time and location of home games for each team entered in the "Select" section of the Division and forwarding to League Scheduler, 2) co-ordinate the securing of team names, fields and time and location of home games for each team entered in the "House" section of the Division, 3) prepare and distribute schedules to the Member Club Reps and coaches, 4) maintain record of results of all games, 5) coordinate the "Cup" competition for the Division and record results

Provincial Cup Scheduler


  • shall be responsible for recording the results of the Alouette Cup competition 
  • shall be responsible for ensuring the availability of an appropriate quality field for all Coastal "A" and "B" Cup games played within the District 
  • shall be responsible for report the field,  game time and directions for these games to the appropriate Coastal Cup scheduler and ensuring that the home Club assigns appropriate Assistant Referees to any game hosted by a Member Club 
  • shall be responsible for reporting all results to the Coastal Cup scheduler by Sunday evening of the week-end of the game

Discipline Chairperson


  • shall chair the District Discipline Committee
  • shall not be a Director of any Member Club
  • shall be responsible for coordinating the discipline records and the submission of all required documents to BCSA