BC Coastal Soccer League

The BC Coastal Soccer League (BCCSL) is a newly formed league that has amalgamated the former youth leagues that operated in the Lower Mainland.

Those leagues were BCCSL Boys, the Metro Select League (MSL) and BC Coastal Girls Soccer League (BCCGSL). It comprises approximately 21,000 youth and all 8 districts. The amalgamation provides efficiencies in terms of a common set of rules, discipline processes as well as a single scheduling system. 

The goal is to professionalize the league and provide consistent services to its constituents.

Super 8's (Under 11 and 12) League

Teams (U12 Select thru U18) compete in this League at either the Div 1, 2, 3 or 4. This League encompasses the Districts of Alouette, Delta, Fraser Valley, Surrey and Westminster.

Mini-Soccer Leagues U8-U10 & Micro-Soccer Leagues

All  teams from Mission and West Coast Auto Group FC compete in an interlock.

Teams in U4 thru U7 compete in programs operated by their home Club.

Cup competitions


All teams registered with the Alouette District are eligible to compete a number of Cup Competitions available for teams playing within the various leagues:

League Cups or Conference Cups

All teams competing in the Select League (Select 2), 5-District (Gold/Silver) League, 5-District Bronze/Red) League and Super 8 Leagues will also compete in some form of League or Conference Cup competition.         

  1. Select 2 League will compete in the "Challenge B Cup Competition" unless they choose to enter the Coastal Cup competition.
  2. 5-District (Gold/Silver) League teams compete in the "Conference Cup Competition" which commences mid-season with a randomly drawn round-robin competition.  This competition will consist of three (3) round-robin games with the group winners advancing to a semi-final round and then the final round played at the end of the season.
  3. 5-District (Bronze/Red) League teams compete in the "League Cup Competition" which  commences at the end of the season with teams placed in groups of 4-6 teams based  on league standings. Teams will play a round-robin competition with the top two (2) teams competing in the finals.
  4. Super 8's League teams will compete for either the North Fraser Cup (select teams) or the Alouette Cup (house teams) which will take place at the end of the season. The North Fraser Cup is a single knock-out competition with the finals being hosted at either the Alouette District or Westminster District.  Division finals for selects are alternately between the two (2) Districts. The Alouette Cup is a round-robin competition with teams divided into groups based on standings with the top two (2) teams competing in the finals hosted by the Club hosting the Division for the season.
  5. Alouette District Cup (U13 thru U18) is the the District playdowns to advance to the Coastal  "B" Cup playdowns which leads to the Coastal Cup finals and the Provincial Championships. All gold and silver teams (U14-U18) and silver teams (U13) are automatically entered into the competition while any bronze or red team may request to enter.   
  6. Coastal "A" Cup competition is open to all Select teams (U14-U16-U18) and and the District  winner of U13 Gold teams. This competition leads to the Provincial Championships and then the National Championships in U14-U16-U18.


  1. Coastal "A" Cup competition is open to any team registered with BCSA in the U13, U14, U16 and U18 Divisions. BCSA mandates that the highest skill level in each of these Divisions MUST compete in the Coastal "A" Cup competition.
  2. Those mandated to play in this competition are the U14 - U16 - U18 Select teams and U13 Gold  teams along with any other team who chooses to enter this competition. Teams may only compete in only one (1) Coastal Cup competition (either "A" or "B") but not both.



  • The top three (3) or four (4) teams will be seeded into the second round of the competition.
  • The remaining eight (8) teams will be randomly drawn for the first round of the competition.


  • Competition will commence for the Lower Mainland District (9 Districts) with a District play-down with the District winner advancing to the Coastal "A" Cup competition.
  • BCSA had designated that there will be sixteen (16) entries into this competition:

  1. District winners of the nine (9) Lower Mainland Districts
  2. An entry from both the Upper Island and Lower Island
  3. Five (5) additional entries from the Lower Mainland Gold/Silver Leagues

a) 5-District Gold/Silver  (Alouette, Delta, Fraser Valley, Surrey Metro and Westminster)

b) 4-District Gold/Silver (Burnaby, North Shore, Richmond and Vancouver)

c)  spots will be divided 3 spots for one League and 2 spots for second League (alternating each year commencing with 2009-10 season with 4-District having the three (3) spots)

  • 5-District (Gold/Silver) League has determined that this Leagues back-door entrants will be:

  1. finalists in the Conference Cup competition who are not District winners
  2. losing semi-finalists in the Conference Cup competition who are not District winners
  3. should there be more than one non-District winners, the entries will be determined by their standings in League competition.



The Provincial Championship will be determined by a play-off game between the Lower Mainland  Champion and the Interior Champion,  with the winner of the U14 - U16 - U18 Divisions going to  the National Championships for Club teams.


Eight (8) teams will advance to the Provincial Championships:

  • a) Coastal Cup champion,  Coastal Cup runner-up and a third team from the semi-finals (one of the three teams must be a Vancouver Island team).

  1. if the Island team does not advance to the Coastal Cup finals, that team will be deemed the Lower Mainland third seed.
  2. if the Island team advances to the Coastal Cup finals,  the two (2) losing semi-finalsist will compete for the third seed spot (back-door game)

  • b) one winner from each of the four (4) Interior regions
  • c) host District team (if not in the three seeds)


Each year there is a Coastal "B" Cup Competion for teams competing in Div 1 and lower with the two finalists entering the Provincial Championships.

Each District is entitled to an entry into the Coastal "B" Cup competition which begins in late March.

The Alouette District holds a competion within the District (Alouette Cup) to determine the District's entry to the Coastal "B" competition. The finals of the Alouette Cup are usually held the last weekend of February (dates to be announced when League Championship final dates are set).

It is the policy of the Alouette District that all Div 1 and Div 2 teams are automatically entered into the Alouette Cup competition (unless they choose not to enter), while Div 3 and Div 4 teams may request to enter.

All teams entering the Alouette Cup must be aware and willing to advance to the Coastal "B" competition should they win the Alouette Cup. BCSA does not permit a team to withdraw from the Coastal "B" competition without some sort of discipline. 

  • Div 1 and Div 2 teams must notify the District Scheduler (Ann Steen) if they do not want to participate by the deadline.
  • Div 3 and Div 4 teams must submit their wish to compete by the deadline.
  • All teams competing for the Alouette Cup MUST complete the official Team Roster form and forwarded to the District Scheduler (Ann Steen).
  • All teams competing for the Alouette Cup MUST use the official Alouette Cup Team Roster form designated for their Registrar prior to the start of a game.

Preliminary Alouette Cup rounds

Should there be more than two (2) entries to the Alouette Cup competition in a Division there will be preliminary rounds leading to the Alouette Cup Finals.

a) Divisions with three (3) entries will have a round-robin competition with the top two (2) teams advancing to the Finals.

b) Divisions with four (4) or more entries will have a single knock-out competition with a random draw for the games.

Scheduling Preliminary games

As not to cause scheduling problems with the League Championship games, teams must expect to play their Alouette Cup Preliminary games on the opposite day of the weekend of their League Championship game. 

Preliminary games may be scheduled on a weekday evening but both teams must be in agreement to the change and games must be completed by the Wednesday prior to the next scheduled Preliminary round.

In the event of a discrepancy with this schedule, game dates and times provided by club schedulers should be followed.


2020 is the inaugural year for the ADYSA  Birdhouse Cup. This is a fun competition for U13 - U18 Boys and Girls Division 3 teams in the District.  

Teams will play small-sided games combining age groups where necessary. All competitions take place on one day for each gender. This year's competition will take place on Sat Mar 7 & Sun Mar 8 at Telosky Turf in Maple Ridge.